Book Open Play

$14 Per Player

Battlefield Arena

Come join one of two teams and battle in games like team deathmatch, capture the flag, protect the president, etc. Only $14 for 1 hour of play. Book online to guarantee a time slot. Walk-ins are welcome but not guaranteed play.​ You can now add an hour of gaming for just $6 more.

Open play guests cannot host a party in the party area. A $2, non-refundable deposit is required for each booked player. Cancelling your reservation does not institute a refund. We will attempt to reschedule if given enough notice. When you arrive, the $2 will be used towards your admission. If using a gift card, the $2 will be refunded.


Please use your own discretion when booking. Younger children may struggle with the blasters and playing the game. We try our best to help the younger players.


Glow Night

Friday night glow battles. Starting at the 6pm session.​ Battles will be under the black lights.


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