Video Gaming Party Package

*Book Friday at 6, 7, and 8pm ​and Glow Night is included.

Also, the gaming room can be added to any other package we offer.

Party includes:
We provide the party host to help setup, run the party, and clean up.
For the 1st hour of your party, you get a 1 hour battle against other parties and open play.
Blasters, masks, ammo, and referees included.

For the 2nd hour of your party, you will have 1 hour of gaming in a deluxe gaming room.
After the battle is over, you get use of the birthday room for 45 minutes.
Seating is only guaranteed for the paid players.

What you provide:
​You provide all party supplies, food, and drinks. Please bring plates, forks, napkins, decorations, cake cutter, candles, lighter, etc...
You may bring in any type of food and coolers for your drinks - just a heads up, pretzel trays are welcome but from past observation, are rarely eaten. You will probably be bringing a full pretzel tray home
For tablecloths, each room has 3 standard picnic tables and a cake table. For the larger parties, the larger room contains 5 picnic tables and a cake table.
Cake, cupcakes, cookie cake, or ice cream cake.
Sorry, no scooped ice cream or loose candy.


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